Custom Heading Image

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This is an example of custom post heading image. You can simply add the following setting to your post front-matter field:

heading-img: svg/heading-image.svg
heading-img-local: true
heading-img-width: 400

In Almace Scaffolding v1.1.0, the original svg-headline*, and img-headline* options are deprecated.

Heading image filename, if a relative URL (non-external URL) is provided, the file will be prefixed with site.file.
To avoid relative URL prefixed by site.file, you can set this option to true to prefix it with amsf_user_assets, then you can store your images in _app/assets/.
Set the width of your heading image. The value will be converted to viewport unit automatically. ie. heading-img-width: 400 will be converted to width: 40vw;

Pro Tips: Keep a <title> tag for your SVG can help Safari generate correct post title for its Reader mode:

<svg xmlns="">
<title>Cool Article</title>