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AMSF, a.k.a. Almace Scaffolding, is a super-fast Jekyll framework fighting against the website obesity. It supports LiveReload, Sass, HTML minification, inlined stylesheets and more.

Getting Started →

Go to the GitHub page for downloads, bug reports, and feature requests.


  • Theme switching, you can switch themes with just one command
  • A fully configured Jekyll setup with well-defined Atom feed and sitemap
  • Almace Scaffolding ships a sleek responsive theme Curtana, a variant of sparanoid.com, looking great on any modern browsers
  • Every minified page generates only one HTTP request 1
  • Tons of configurable settings for your posts and site customization
  • Service Worker support for lightning-fast experience
  • Built with Grunt.js for easy development
  • Travis support
  1. Based on the theme you’re using, theme Curtana generates only one HTTP request for production build when your posts don’t have fancy sliders or other external media files. ↩︎